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My grandson Scotty spent his last day alive hunting Easter eggs, before leaving to come to my house. My daughter's brother-in-law put him on a four wheeler with three other children ages 8, 9 and 13. Scotty was just 23 months old. They were allowed to go down the circle drive into the road where a truck hit them. All were injured and sent to the hospital. My Scotty never responded, we were told he had no chance. He died April 9, 2020.

There was no charges filed. I had to call protective services. The local law enforcement did not even do that much and still there has been no charges. It is this that makes it hard to live, like his life was worth nothing.

I hope to change these laws so no one has to go thru this again.

You can go to and sign my petition. First search for ATV petition or my name, Amanda House. Then it should give you the option to sign to the right of the page after you select the petition. Thank you!



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