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Benjamin Snyder

Ben SnyderThe call I will never forget!!

On September 16, 2020, I lost my son Benjamin Snyder to an ATV accident. He was 12 yrs old.

He was riding in the desert with our family in Superior, Az. on a figure 8 track with small jumps (size of a speed bump). The jumps were close together and Benjamin tried to clear both of them and didn't make it.

The front tires hit the second jump and flipped forward. Benjamin held on to the handlebars and went over with the ATV hitting head first. His life was taken instantly by severe head injuries. He was riding a Yamaha 80 Badger which is a youth size model appropriate for his age and a brand new helmet, yet that didn't save him.

Benjamin was a beautiful person with a big heart and always had a smile. I am truly going to miss him!

Regina Snyder



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