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Ellie Sand

Ellie Sand loved life! She was an accomplished dancer, tennis player, horse back rider, and dirt biker. She was VERY determined, quit was not a word she knew.

On October 27th, 2007 Ellie was taken for a ride by a young adult. They were driving at a normal rate of speed on a FLAT field, and Ellie was wearing a seatbelt. Much to the surprise of everyone, the Yamaha Rhino tipped over crushing Ellie. Ellie was rushed by air care to Cincinnati Children's Hospital where experts worked on her for 24+ hours while she was on life support machines. Much to everyones disappointment the damage had been done. Her little body could not withstand the damage from a 1100 lb machine. Ellies death was VERY sad to everyone, but in her death many of her organs SAVED the lives of at least 3 children.

Ellie is survived by 3 brothers (14 yrs, 8 yrs, & 3 yrs) and one sister (8 months) John & Tammie Sand believe that it is their duty to help save others from a tragic fate like Ellie?s. Though it is too late for Ellie, by telling her story and sharing what the Sand?s have learned about the dangers of Yamaha Rhinos, they may save someone else's child.

The Sand family has looked back on that fatal day and have tried to understand how this tragedy happened. They have learned the sad truth that they are not alone. Rhino drivers and riders all over the country have suffered serious injuries or even death, when their Yamaha Rhinos rolled over. The Sand family believe the Rhino is top-heavy, with too narrow a track width, too high a center of gravity, wheels too small to maintain stability and steering geometry that facilitates rollovers even
at low-speeds on flat terrain. Yamaha agrees their words are: "Abrupt maneuvers......have caused rollovers EVEN on flat, open areas."

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