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Colby Ramer

My 9 year old son, Colby Ramer, was killed while riding a Polaris Ranger on January 19, 2020. Colby's dad committed suicide in March of 2006 and he had bought the ranger for Colby before his death. After his death the ranger stayed at his dads house until the first week of January 2008. It had only been at our house for two weeks when the accident occurred. I was working at a local nursing and it was my weekend off, but I was called to come in on that Saturday first I said no: but Colby looked at me with that handsome smile and said "go in Momma". So I agreed to go in for 4 hours and then was to come home and spend the rest of the day with my boys, Colby and his older brother Garrett who was 16 at that time. He asked me if he could ride the ranger while I was at work. I told him only in his nanny's yard, which is next door to our house. I went to work and was almost ready to leave for home when I got the news that every parent fears....there had been an accident. The RN who took the call never told me that my baby was dead. I remember looking at her and asking "is my baby going to be okay?" She dropped her head, but I knew the answer. There were 3 girls riding with him ( he always was a ladies man), none of whom were seriously injured. They had rode to a vacant lot down the road from the house. I have chosen not to learn more about the accident. I think that one day I will, but for now I choose not to. Knowing is not going to give me back my precious son. Colby was the most precious child, he cared about others and was always making someone smile. I should have told him no that day and think that if I had stayed home maybe, just maybe things would have been different. I live for the day that I will be reunited with my angel.....

Always Loved-Never
Forgotten Colby Lane Ramer.



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