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Carlton Powell Jr

Carlton Powell JR. was born September 27th 1988 at Georgetown University Hospital, in Washington, D.C. He died July 20th 2003 in a very tragic accident involving an (ATV) All Terrain Vehicle, while riding with friends and family.

On the day he died we had one of the best days ever. We were renovating a rental property, and we worked until about 3:00 pm. Adam, Carlton's younger brother, asked if he could go riding on his dirt bike with some of his relatives. I said ok . Carlton Jr. said he wanted to stay and help me finish the renovation project. We had to pull out the window air conditioner for replacement. There were some bird droppings on top of the air conditioner. They fell on his chest. I jokingly told him he was starting to grow hair on his chest. He laughed.

We went to several stores looking for a new unit with no luck. We decided to go to hardware and lumber yards. On our way to the lumber yard Carlton Jr. talked about drivers education and what car he would be using after he got his learners permit. I told him he could use my car. Carlton called his older brother Juan on my cell phone. Juan had stopped by the riding area where Adam was riding. I ask Carlton if he wanted something to eat. He said no but I got him something anyway. He ate his food while we were in route to Sears. While on our way we passed the area where Adam was riding. I ask Jr. if he wanted to stop and see how his brother was doing. He said yes. I told him we were only going to stay for 15 minutes.

He greeted his older brother and family upon arrival. We walked down to the riding area where everyone was having a late lunch. Carlton Jr. started to ride on the ATV. I got on the dirt bike and rode half way around then I went off the riding area to take a look at some fox holes. I could hear him riding. I went back to the front of the riding area and Adam said that Carlton Jr. was looking for me. I decided to go around once more. Before I got
around the riding area Carlton's cousin called me urgently "Uncle! Uncle! Come quick!". I dropped the bike at the top of the hill and ran down the hill to see Carlton Jr. in a pool of blood from head to toe, he was unconscious with severe injuries to his face.

His face was mostly torn off. Everyone was in shock. Me and his cousin called 911. They wanted a physical address which neither of us knew. We had to walk to the road way to try and find an address. The emergency personnel told me to go back to Carlton JR. and try and stop the bleeding. I pulled my T-shirt off and tried my best. The emergency crews arrived soon after. We stood back waiting and just hoping that some way he would be ok. When the emergency crews turned around towards us we knew that he had passed by the looks on their faces. A father's
nightmare just got worse, one of the worst feelings I've ever felt.

Every day I think of him. Often I have flash backs of seeing him lying there in a pool of blood and with such severe facial injuries. Please if you have a son or daughter, take a second thought if you are thinking of purchasing an ATV. You most certainly do not want to feel the pain and grief that my family and other families have felt after losing a young loved one. This feeling we will endure to the end of time. Please be safe!!!

Carlton Powell Sr. And Family



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