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William McCrary

My name is Melissa Cooper. I am the mother of William McCrary. On June 21st 2009 father’s day my son was in his father’s care for visitation. My son was put on the back of a panther 110 ATV with a nine yr. old little girl. Neither one of them had the proper safety equipment on. My son was thrown from the back of the 4-wheeler at 11:49 a.m. He was medflighted to Huntsville hospital where they x-rayed him & ran tests. They came in the room to ask me if my son was wearing a helmet. I told them had none of that information that my son was in the care of his father. William\'s father said he did not have a helmet on. They proceeded to tell me of my son’s injuries. William sustained 1 punctured lung, broken ribs, and a cut across the bottom of his chin that would have required cosmetic surgery had he survived this accident and severe head trauma.

They called me in the room around 10:30 to tell me that my son only had a 5% chance to live. William was in a coma, the pressure and swelling in his little head was too much. After his father had made the decision to put him on the 4-wheeler they then turned to me to make the decision to turn my baby off life support because he was brain dead.

My son passed away @ 11:26 p.m. William was only 3 yrs. old. It is our job as parents to always look at everything from every angle and always put our children’s safety first.  Please don’t ever put your child on an ATV.



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