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Elizabeth Cornes

In 2007 we lost our youngest daughter, Lizzy in a 4-wheeler accident. She was only 10 years old. We blame ourselves greatly as she should have never been on something as big and powerful as that. But we would have never guessed that she would die in a 4-wheeler accident. After all, we live in south Louisiana, and pretty much all of your neighbors here have 4-wheelers and everyone's kids are out riding them so it wasn't a big deal.....or so we thought. We really don't know how she died. We were in the house, the ONLY time I had ever been in the house while she was out riding, other than that I was always outside. She had been with a friend from across the street riding in the fields in the back of our house.....He told us that he got stuck where he was so he jumped off of his 4-wheeler and  was messing around where he was at so he wasn't paying attention, by the time he got to Lizzy he noticed she was laying on the ground unconscious and bleeding from the head,ears,nose and eyes. The 4-wheeler was still on all four wheels, so we know it didn't flip. She didn't have any broken bones either. I had always told her not to go past 2nd gear, the day after she died when my husband went to move the 4-wheeler out of the field it was in 5th gear and she had turned the key in the off position so we know that after she hit her head she was awake for just a brief moment before collapsing.....As to why she had it in 5th gear we will never know, except that maybe she and the neighbor had been racing......she lost control and hit her head on the metal rack in the back and flipped off......We quickly got rid of both of our 4-wheelers after that, and if I see a child speeding on one I am quick to tell them or the parents about Lizzy.....I wouldn't want them to go through the pain we have had to endure of losing a child because of having some "fun" and something that could have been prevented......My daughter was also a skilled rider, even at 10 years old....she had been riding for a couple of years previously. Don't ever think that this won't happen to you, we thought the same exact thing and now we pay the price every day. 

Please click here to visit Lizzy's memorial site.

Mom to 4 wonderful children and one that will never be forgotten.......
Elizabeth (8-14-96/2-25-07)



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