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Sean Kearney

Sean Kearney

Our names are Mark & Katie Kearney and we live in Plymouth, Mass. We have four boys who are all 3 years apart in age. Our 8 year old son Sean died from injuries he sustained while riding on an adult-sized ATV on October 27, 2020. Sean was allowed to ride on an adult ATV, unsupervised. While most people were choosing Halloween Costumes, we were planning a funeral for an eight year old son.

Sean and my husband Mark started out the day on Sunday, October 22, 2006 like most weekend mornings: at hockey practice. Sean was a proud member of the Plymouth Youth Hockey Mite A team. After practice, Sean and his friend Tyler made plans for a play date. After going to Dunkin Donuts for a cheesy egg sandwich and cleaning our boat, Sean went to play at Tyler's house. Mark kissed him goodbye, and made arrangements with John and Wendy to meet us later with Sean. Mark left Sean thinking that he would be supervised, doing what 8 year old boys do: street hockey & video games.

We never expected to get the phone call we received that day.

Mark and I were at the Pembroke hockey rink for our oldest son Ryan hockey game. We were sitting down watching Ryan's team warm up when a phone call came in from the Plymouth Police. The officer told us that our son Sean had been in a terrible accident and was being taken by helicopter to a Boston Hospital. We were told when help arrived two adults where performing CPR and the paramedics had taken over. They didn't give us many details except to get to the hospital as quickly as would could.

A ride that took 45 min seemed like 12 hours. We arrived at Mass General Hospital to find out that our 55lb child was allowed without our permission or knowledge to ride on an ATV that could do speeds up to 75miles and hour and weighed over 600lbs. He was riding double and was unsupervised. The two boys were riding in the gas lines over 200 yards from the Gillens' property line. We were told that Sean was non responsive and had swelling on his brain. They placed a bolt into his head to measure the pressure to his brain.

News of the accident spread through the community and a prayer service was planned at St. Peter's Church in Plymouth. Over 500 people attended to pray for Sean and our family. We stayed at Sean's bedside for the entire week. We watched as doctors and nurses tried everything they could to help Sean. Mid week an MRI was done and not one doctor or nurse could look at us. We were told according to the MRI scan Sean was without oxygen to his brain for over 10 min. Sean fought as hard as he could to hold on, on October 27, 2020 our beautiful blond hair, blue eyed, devilish little boy died in our arms.

The law in Ma states that no child under the age of 10 is to ride any kind of ATV. They are not allowed to ride double; they are to be supervised by an adult over 18. The vehicle is to be registered, and only to be ridding on the owners property.

My husband and I never knew anything about ATV's before Sean was hurt. It is truly amazing to us to see how many children are killed on these machines nation wide. How many beautiful children have lost their lives.

We miss Sean every second of every minute of every hour of every day. Our lives will never be the same.

Please reach out to your elected officials... Find out what laws are in place for your State. Please don't let another child die on an ATV. If we can't keep our children safe then who can.


Mark, Katie, Ryan, Chris, PJ our special angel Sean



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