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Mercedeze Hummel

I lost my life my heart my soul, Mercedeze Alexandria Hummel on April 11,2020. My name is Veronica Hershberger I am her mother . Her fathers are Ryan Hershberger my husband, and Joseph Hummel who is her biological father. She has four brothers and two sisters, Brian 18, RYDER 2 yrs old, James 16, lil Joey 6, Alexus 18 and Kansas 16.

Mercedeze was only 7 yrs old when she lost her life after an accident on a Polaris 500 4x4 sportsman that her father Joseph was driving and she was a passenger sitting in front. She had been with her father Joseph for visitation that weekend. She never made it home.

Mercedeze was a loving gentle outgoing all around fun little girl. She wanted to try anything, even if it did scare her. She was not supposed to go with him that weekend. It was my birthday that Saturday and she had worked all week at school and every day she would come home and say, "mommy just one more point and I can pick two treasures or one great big one out of the treasure box!"  All along I thought she had not known it was my birthday and thought the excitement  in her eyes was for her. But that Friday after school she came home with her hands behind her back with her great big beautiful smile on her face and said, "close your eyes and open your hands" and she put this bell with cut glass designs and a dragon fly on the handle in my hand and said, "happy birthday mommy I love you, your the best". I pulled her to me and whispered shhh! your my favorite she says really I am?!  I said yes you are. That's when her dad Joseph came to pick her up for the weekend.  She had not seen him in a long while and begged to go so I let her. She promised to call me for my birthday in which she did 9:00 pm sharp! This starts the day she went to heaven. She chose to dance. I dedicated that song "hope you dance" to my children years before.

Sunday the 11th of April 2010 was the day all our lives as we knew it would come crashing down around us. I had been setting up a pool most of the week that Mercedeze had been anticipating on swimming in since we pulled it out of the box. Everyday she would put on her bathing suit and wear it from the time she got home from school till she went to bed.   I had not filled it up nor put the chemicals in it yet, but that morning we ended up at the hardware store in town where my daughter Mercedeze was also their with her grand mother and aunt.  I said to Mercedeze, "do you want to ride home with me since we are already here?"  She looked up at me and asked," is the pool ready yet?"  I said no that's what we are here to get. is the shock.  She says well I was wondering (her favorite word), since the pools not ready yet and grandma and aunt Amanda are go to go to the lake to clean it out can I go with them?  They are using the four wheeler. My heart sank into the pit of my stomach. I had not known of a four wheeler until that moment, a moment in time that I can not take back. I looked up at her aunt and was explained to that her grandmother had bought  the monster two weeks prior to that for the grandchildren to ride on Easter. Since it was for the grand children I pictured a small 60 or something so I said only if aunt Amanda is driving. I looked in to my daughters big brown eyes, squeezed her little chubby cheeks together and gave her a kiss and told her that I loved her.  She said I love you so much mommy, I said I love you more and I will see you later this evening baby girl. Later never came. The nightmare that I had heard in my head everytime she went with Joey came instead.  Her grandmother on the other end of the  phone line saying,  "Mercedeze has been in an accident and they are life flighting her to Shands in Gainesville, Florida".

Mercedeze had four broken ribs on her left side, she had ruptured blood vessels in her left lung and they were filling with blood from the artery. She died 2 hours and approximately 45  minutes after the accident.

These machines are NOT toys. They are NOT meant for fun.

Parents take it from us who know the pain of losing our children. You would not let your child drive before the age of sixteen without a drivers license.  It is against the law to have your child sit on your lap while you drive or let them drive. Its the law that you have to wear a seat belt,  yet these machines the government allows to go with no laws and or safety requirements and they make them bigger and faster and still claim they are safe for our youth to ride. 

We grieve for Mercedeze everyday. We miss her, want to love on her and kiss her but she is no longer within reach. Mercedeze was always a sleep in the middle child and would say to me at night as she rubbed my cheek, " I love you more mommy and I would say "I love you more she'd say I love you all the way to the moon all the way to the stars all the way to heaven mommy."  Here's to you my sweet precious angel of mine.  I love you all the way to the moon all the way to the stars and all the way to heaven baby.

Mommy will see you again some day, we love you and miss you.
Brian, Alexus, Kansas, Ryder, mommy and daddy.



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