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Jessica Adams

As you read Jessica's story, I ask you not to focus specifically on the details of my sister's life, but more so on the lives that might be saved from reading this.

My name is Jennifer and I am Jessica's sister. I am the one she looked up to, at least that is what I read in her diary the night she died. Jessica was a beautiful, shining star to everyone she knew, including her boyfriend, who would later become one of her pall-bearers. Jessica loved to swim, dance, sing, and hang out with her friends. Two weeks after the thirteenth birthday party I threw for her, she and another girl were going too fast on a neighbor's ATV and hit a tree. The other girl, the driver, was in critical condition. My baby sister was crushed instantly by the adult-sized ATV. If you think as parents of a child that you are pleasing them, by allowing them to ride an ATV, or are doing them some sort of favor, you are very, very wrong. Jessica's death didn't do her or her family and friends any favors. Her life ended. She was not only taken away from everyone she loved, but she was taken away from her own life as well. This meant no more Friday nights at "Club Teen", no more trips to the mall or the movies, no more runs down the waterslide, no more Jessie.

When a child dies unexpectedly, a part of your life dies as well. It has been two years since my sister's death, and I am still unable to comprehend that she is no longer here. I still see her in my dreams, go to her grave and sing her Happy Birthday, bring her Reese's Cups and Limited Too accessories to her memorial. Believe me, you do not want to suffer the way my mother and I have and the way hundreds of other families have who have lost their children to ATV accidents. Do your child a real favor, be smart and learn from these stories.



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