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In 2005 three mothers, Carolyn Anderson, Sue Rabe and Carol Keezer founded Concerned Families for ATV Safety. Our children had been killed driving ATVs and we were brought together by shared grief. 

We soon discovered over 40,000 families a year were suffering the tragedy of death and serious injury to their children from ATV accidents.  There was very little support for victims and families.

Together we decided to do something and founded our organization. Concerned Families for ATV Safety is now a network of parents dedicated to reducing injuries and deaths among children driving powerful All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs). We offer support to victim’s families and provide families with information to make informed decisions about their children and ATVs.

Through public education we work to raise awareness of the need for adequate, common sense safety standards that keep children under age 16 off ATVs, and for enforcement of existing ATV laws.


Carolyn Anderson

Carolyn Anderson from Brockton, MA is co-founder of Concerned Families for ATV Safety. On August 8th, 2004 the Anderson family received a phone call that would ruin their lives. Their 14 year old, beautiful son James had been killed when the ATV he was driving crashed into a tree. At the time James was vacationing with a friend’s family in Errol, NH. The ATV he was driving was a 500cc ATV that could travel highway speeds. He had never ridden anything but a bicycle before that day. We are broken hearted.

Photo of Carol

Carol Keezer

Carol Keezer of Defiance, Ohio is co-founder of Concerned Families for ATV Safety. Carol has a personal interest in warning others about the dangers of children and ATV's. No matter how experienced the rider, they are still small children on a machine that is too fast and too big for them to handle. Children and ATV's are a bad mix. On May 17, 2020, Carol's precious son, Alex, age 12, was killed while riding an ATV. As a mother, you never "get over" the death of your child. You live with the grief everyday.

Photo of Sue

Sue Rabe

Sue Rabe of Turner, Oregon is co-founder of Concerned Families for ATV Safety. On Monday, May 6th, 2002 ten year old Kyle Rabe rode the family ATV across the neighbor’s field to have an after school snack with his friend. On his way home the ATV he was riding hit a rut and tipped over on him suffocating him to death. Even though Kyle was a skilled rider and in full gear, he didn't have a chance. The 250cc adult size ATV weighed 500 pounds and Kyle just barely 80 pounds. Sue has been active in ATV safety issues since the tragic death of her son.


We thank the many people who have encouraged, advised and supported us as we formed this group. We need the help of friends in our efforts to prevent children from being killed and seriously injured on ATVs.

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