Concerned Families for ATV Safety is a network of parents dedicated to reducing injuries and death among children driving powerful All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs). We offer support to victimís families and provide families with information and resources to make informed decisions about their children and ATVs. Through public education we work to raise awareness of the need for adequate, common sense safety standards that keep children under 16 off ATVs, and for enforcement of ATV laws.

The consumer Product safety commission released its new data on deaths and injuries related to ATV's. You can view these reports here: 2012 CPSC Safety Report  | 2011 CPSC Safety Report  | 2010 CPSC Safety Report  |  2009 CPSC Safety Report. While the numbers seem to have decreased these past few years it's important to note that these are only ESTIMATED numbers and they will go up for at least a few more years before the total of deaths and injuries are complete.

ATV ALERT: A new national report on ATV accidents shows a 150 percent increase in injuries to children younger than 18 between 1997 and 2006. Hospitalizations for moderate to severe brain injuries tripled. Think, parents, think!

Unsafe ATV use puts riders at risk in rural Missouri

Matt Gibbens has been riding all-terrain vehicles, or ATVs, for a long time, but he’s never taken a safety course.

“I know there's a lot of them out there but I've just grown up on them,” Gibbens said.

Gibbens grew up on a farm and said he’s used ATVs for both work and play. But despite his experience with the machine, he’s still dressed from head to toe in protective gear, including a helmet, goggles, and chest protector.

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Kid's quad bike safety questioned at inquest Geoff Egan

A CORONER has questioned whether children should be allowed to ride quad bikes after a coronial inquest into nine deaths.

The deaths, which occurred between March 2012 and January this year, all involved fatal accidents on quad bikes.

Queensland Deputy Coroner John Lock said the crashes involved children driving bikes too big for them to control, people driving while drunk and others not wearing helmets.

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Kids and quads: a fatal mix

FARM safety experts have called for an immediate import ban on so-called "junior" quad-bikes.

Speakers at a farm safety conference in Melbourne last week said the bikes were readily available from $300 to $530, yet 35 children had been killed while riding them since 2001.

Associate Professor Tony Lower from the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety said an import ban needed to be coupled with stopping children aged 16 or under using quad-bikes.

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